SBS Values


SBS Values

1. SBS values people.
2. SBS values a Bible foundation for life and ministry.
3. SBS values the Inductive Bible Study method.
4. SBS values personal discipline.
5. SBS values learning in all disciplines.
6. SBS values independent thinking.
7. SBS values broad reading habits.

SBS is Unique

Studying the Bible in it’s entirety makes this course unique and is one reason why people come to the school. You will find many places that study portions of the Bible but SBS takes a student through the whole text of the Bible using the Inductive approach.

SBS is not

• A school to teach people how to preach.
• A school to teach people how to teach (though there may be a few assignments that give the student an opportunity to teach)
• An outreach (though there may be some opportunities for short outreaches during the school or after the school
• A theology course (though theology is learned in searching the scriptures).


SBS is concerned with the student grasping the content of the scriptures. We are a content course. The content is covered in the student’s independent study and in class lectures.
If we get away from the above then we are not an SBS. If we start eliminating books and the student’s independent study of the whole Bible then it is not an SBS. If we neglect content and the Inductive Method of Bible study then we are not staying true to what makes SBS unique.