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SBS Asia Hub - May 2023

YWAM Battambang just hosted the Asia and South Pacific Hub! It was a fruitful time of growing connections, prayer, and sharing resources. One of the takeaways that can benefit SBSs globally is Scott Contival's talk on SBS & Missions. Click the link below to hear as he talks through SBS empowering young people, having a high view of scripture, and prioritizing the least, the last, and the lost.

At this hub in Battambang, many SBSs from all around Asia gathered together. We had SBSs from Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Nepal, and Australia. Some big themes from this time were relationship, connection and prayer. Many of us were meeting for the first time and had the privilege to pray for and encourage one another in the mission of leading and staffing SBSs despite various challenges. Since this gathering, we have already had much crossover in sharing resources and guest teaching at each other's bases.

We had the honor of hearing from many different speakers throughout the week including Alex Miller, Ranjana Lama, Bryan Hunsberger, Scott Contival, Amy Stevens, and of course our founders, Ron and Judy Smith. We were blessed to hear the wisdom and perspective each of these people had to share.

Judy Smith shared on the Biblical View on the Physical Human Body. If you would like to hear that lecture, click the link.

Overall, each one of us walked away blessed and encouraged to continue raising Bible teachers to be sent into the world.

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