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B-SBS is a Biweekly SBS currently run at YWAM Wiler Switzerland.


The questions was asked: “Can’t you do something like this (SBS) for the church as well, since many people cannot take leave from work for 9 months to come to your base?”


And how would SBS Students “be able to continue using their skills in Bible study even after an SBS”?


The result… 6 Modules for the complete New Testament.

Module 1: Letters of Paul (Prison / Pastoral)
Module 2: Two synoptic Gospels
Module 3: Writings of Luke
Module 4: Letters of Paul (Early ones)
Module 5: The “Catholic” (General) Letters
Module 6: Writings of John


Below are the files for the Introduction, Method and Sample Modules for Ephesians and Philemon if you would like more details on the course or would like to set one up in your area. Contact YWAM Wiler Switzerland for more information.

Introduction PDF


Method PDF


Ephesians PDF


Philemon PDF

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